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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Eulogy and the death of a Friend in Northeast Thailand

A little uneducated Thai, No Isaan woman died this morning we knew it was coming, but knowing never makes things easier.
Going on 17 years ago I arrived in Thailand and a project I was meant to work on in Viet nam fell apart, I found myself heading up to Nong Khai to pay my respects to ajahn Thate who was soon to be cremated. Over the next few whatevers I found myself in a guest house maaged by a women who was soon to marry a Scouser. anyhow he was a good guy to have a jar with and it came to pass the I met a friend of his bride to be, Miss Noi, who was there cleaning rooms. She would never win a beauty contest, but she had a quick mind and one hell of a sense of humour. To make a long story short she adopted me and for the next 6 years became my business manager.
some years later we were coming from Surin through Kalasin it was some 6 or more years ago and were meating a government officer for lunch, when she asked to stop at a service center with a restaurant. We stopped and she said she wanted to eat. Why I asked and she said more or less that she would be more comfortable not having to eat with the government officers and to please let her do what she thought best. I respected her wishes. She did not have education, but she damn well had class.
At that time I was doing a fair bit of work in Laos and was back and forth, so decided a dog would be in order and along came Pogue Mahone and his sister. His sister soon moved on but Mhone stayed on for 10 years loving and protecting Noi.  She called Mahone her son, and the reason he was so smart was that his father was in the military. Mahone was a Doberman, Alsatian mix who loved Noi, westerners and the occasional Thai for diinner.
He did not understand Tha only Ei, but we cried together when he died. We is buried on Christian land, thanks Mike..
It's all in all to painful to tell the whole story now, but in the future I will soon be telling the story of an medical epidemic in Isaan that no one gives a shit about, the lack of education in things health, financial and more. About the Business of ThaiBuddhism and the beauty of the Buddhism ajahn Man,ajahn Cha, Luangta Maha Bua and the forest monks still offer.
I see people knocking the Bank health/life insurance, but it is a life saver to many.
Miss Noi I miss you and will always miss you, along with they many who are part of me over these many years and are dead , but never gone. And like we said over the last month "No more suffering, soon Dukkha pai laeo and now the Dukkha is gone. Sadhu.