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Friday, March 16, 2012

Tourism Authority of Thailand Reaches New Low

Tourism Authority of Thailand I thought had gone as low as possible with their latest app which I have already begun to rate. But yesterday when I saw their latest promotion my beer came sprayed out of my nose and I hate that.
I constantly go on about travel bloggers, travel writers, researchers, academics not being precise in recording locations and should use latitude and longitude except when using grid (quad) maps and then use 6 or 8 digit coordinated and the correct map reference. Well the Tourism Authority of Thailand in their new promotion "72hrsSeventytwo amazing thailand GOLF PARADISE" actually used lat/long and even linked it so it would open in google maps.The Golf Course in Question is the Singha Park Course in Khon Kaen and the Tourism Authority of Thailand has either moved it or their is another Singha Park Course. Now I did post about this yesterday afternoon, but to be fair I had not gone out to inspect the new reality and now I have.
This morning I traveled to GPS: 16.351768, 102.827911 and you can see the pictures geotagged in the album below. The other thing that at one time I might find amazing is the ability of the Tourism Authority of Thailand to totally ignore the prominent placement of the Singha Park Golf Course in Google Maps. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is worse than Barney Fife, Wrong Way Corrigan, Joe Gitchflits all rolled into one. It has actually well passed funny and moved deeply into pathetic. With the help of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand especially Isaan will be Unseen for years to come