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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tourism Authority of Thailand Presents a New App with the Same old Errors and More

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has come out with a new application called "Amazing Thailand", with the subtitle "Thailand in Your Hand". There's a new idea for you.
Anyhow I downloaded the thing and being in an alphabetical frame of mine started with Amnat Charoen, as it is in Isaan and starts with "A". I took a look at the "where to stay" section first and quickly decided that the taxi ride from the Samui Park Resort might not only be a bit expensive, but wet as well. Oh well, even though it is one of the most tourist attractions in Koh Samui according to The Tourism Authority of Thailand I think I will try elsewhere

Ah yes how about the sads, it sounds like just the place to chill out and Tourism Authority of Thailand is not telling any lies about it, not even it's location. Not to worry when I press "menu" there is a map available

That's odd I know there is No hotel. resort, bungalow or anything else at that location. Oh well anyone can make a mistake. Let's try one more.
Ah yes the Moo Resort, in Bangkok. Oops I went to link and got an error message. And, what do you know it is the same map location for every hotel listed in Amnat Charoen.
Well on first look one might think that The Tourism Authority of Thailand has once again pissed away millions of baht for just another useless thingy. But not to worry I your trusted researcher shall dig even deeper. I once figured something for nothing is always good value for money, but I have a strange feeling  Tourism Authority of Thailand is going to prove me wrong. 19 more provinces to go. "Thailand in Your Hand". I'm washing mine after using this app.