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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tourism Authority of Thailand, New Mahasarakham Brochure, Heart of Isaan

As previously posted I visited the Tourism Authority of Thailand office in Khon Kaen, where I was able to get 10 of the 20 Isaan Provnce Tourism Authority of Thailand Brochures. Starting with the Mahasarakham brochure and was quite pleased to to that they finally mention the heart or more correctly the "Geographic Center of Isaan". It is a shame they did not refer to it as the "Geographic Center of Isaan", as it would make sense to English speakers.Reading the blurb one would think the the "Geographic Center of Isaan" was a body of water which is incorrect.

It is a shame that their are no site improvements being undertaken. I have been informed by an occasionally reliable source that there is some political fighting going on, which is not surprising. In the right hands this could be a major attraction in Isaan.  Sadly the Tourism Authority of Thailand also failed to place the site on the brochure map. And does not list the site. You can view the location by going to the Picasa album.