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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tourism Authority of Thailand has moved the Singha Park Golf course

According to the Amazing thailand golf Paradise the Singha Park Golf Course has been moved from the location I have plotted (and where I have stood on said golf course)  and used what must be a different GPS system than what they use. As a matter of fact they have moved the course to the flood plain of the Chii River quite some distance from the Singha brewery. Once again congratulations to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for this innovative move.
The road you see running North to South is the Friendship Highway. Going from West to East is Road #208 to Koum Phisai on to Mahasarakham.. The Singha Brewery and the course I am familiar with is South of the Road. The question I guess now is, is there a second golf course not to worry I will check it out ASAP The Police Icon is the Tourism Authority of Thailand location of the course. The golf icon is my location and the red pin marker is my plot of the road to the course. I will be speaking to you soon from GPS: 16.351768, 102.827911 well done Tourism Authority of Thailand and thanks to Larry at khon kaen retirement for updating me on the latest golf course movement.
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