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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thailand 40th National Games Indoor Field Hockey

Thailand 40th National Games Indoor Field Hockey, Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement did an interesting post about the Thailand 40th National Games and sent me some information that I received while out and about Saturday and as it happened I stumbled up the indoor field hockey match between Supanboori vs Chonburi which did start at 1500 as scheduled.  The location might have been been difficult to find at the Beung, using google translate, as there is no stadium, and even for the Thais they easily could have been more precise; "directly in front of Wat That". Even though this was a preliminary match, I was surprised by the low turnout.
Local folks will turn out for anything and this was a very convenient location and there were at best a dozen people watching in the bleachers. Perhaps family members will arrive and interest will peak for the finals. But, as pointed out in Khon Kaen Retirement it has been a piss poor promotion. The website, in any language is hard to read and certainly has no pad or smartphone vieer friendly options.
I had had lunch with some Thai friends and they had mentioned the signs uo everywhere but no information as to where, when or who of the games. No schedules in Thai posted around town. You can also view other videos that I have broadcast live at twitcast. And be sure to subscribe for live broadcast alerts
Anyhow here is a goal scored at the Thailand 40th National Games