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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sports and Education in Northeast Thailand

As some of you might be aware the 40th National Games of Thailand are taking place in Khon Kaen and strangely enough also known as the Khon Kaen Games. I have seen no competition in the Live Broadcast area, Indoor Hockey, Volleyball, and will be doing still more. The thing that has amazed me most is the amount of apathy that exists towards the games. The couple times I have seen anything on TV or spoken to anyone who has is the fact that there are no crowds. Are the athletes all orphans? Where are their families and friends.
Magha Puja, a public holiday saw the usual horrendous traffic jambs in town, but nobody watching volleyball, which took place in a coll stadium.
Sports in the villages draw better, bigger more enthusiastic crowds.
Speaking of Isaan villages, for years now Thai Rak Thai and it's clones have been getting into office on the backs of the Isaan Voters. Take a look at the school in the pictures. Most Isaan schools are still outdated, poorly maintained and without any modern aquipment. Most certainly do not have wifi, even in the big cities. So once again having gotten Taksin back in office they will get screwed if and when the long promised tablets get to Thai schools. I guess they could use them as trays to serve their Thai masters or perhaps as hods to carry the cement that might be in their future if they are lucky enough to find work.