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Saturday, March 17, 2012

SouthEastAsiaTimes, Isaan-Life, Isaan-live 13 years old today

I purchased the URL 13 years ago on Saint Patricks Day 1999. Prior to that it had been listed as a Loxinfo\website. Back in those days it was a twisted pair and 23 Baht a minute to dial-up Bangkok daytime.
The last few years, smartphones, wifi, somewhat better and less expensive internet access have allowed for more posting. The vast improvement in the sie as it stands today thanks to Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement has sent the site to new heights. Actually, I'm Kinda proud to have a 4/10 Google Ranking
The purpose of the blogs, picasa web albums, podcasts,youtube videos, twitcasting and whatever else is to promote Isaan , while giving people an honest, not fabricated, not enhanced view of the people, places, events and temples in the region. In the more than 2000 blog posts, picasa web albums, podcasts,youtube videos things are stated simply and clearly. Locations are GPSed correctly and a lot of the spelling is sometimes correct.
This mornings comment on 1 of my posts
"What is it with two retired Americans who keep blustering about the TAT in every second post. You've been here long enough, the TAT does not give a shit what you think so change the record......" by Anonymous was quite interesting. Obviously he does not read kk retirement often otherwise  he would realize many more than 50% point out Tourism Authority of Thailand errors. If he looked at my 2000 or so posts he might notice that the opposite is true. Of course when the Tourism Authority of Thailand within hours presents an application that is more than 50% incorrect for Isaan and moves a major regional golf course I will point it out.
When Tourism Authority of Thailand Offices cannot post staff who understand English to their offices in Isaan I will point it out. When the Tourism Authority of Thailand office sends people with small children to a site that is being rehabilitated and in a cloud of toxic fumes and the lady and a child get sick, yep Bubba I post it. When the Tourism Authority of Thailand fails to include sites listed by the "Fine Arts Department" I mention it. When the Tourism Authority of Thailand lists places that have been closed for more than 10 years, yep that's right I mock the buggers. When the Tourism Authority of Thailand destroys a festival and takes income from 100s of local businesses through misrepresentation and incompetence yep. That there are no ethics standard for journalists in Thailand, yep I will point thing out. When dozens of travel bloggers copy and paste wrong information and post it I point it out
Just as when 1,000s of people are put out of their homes due to floods and are totally ignored, you bet your ass I run a bunch of posts. When superstitions, scams and theft is called Thai Buddhism I point it out.
I understand a lot of people feel that if one is not congratulating the government and it's departments on the fine job  we should stay silent. Or if you have nothing positive to say, say nothing. Up to you.
I do not know what it is about being American or retired, or retarded for that matter has to do with anything.
And in closing I do don know who is tying you to a chair and forcing you to read my or Larry's postings, or are you addicted to them, whatever the case you don't have to read them.
Go ahead and data check my past 2000 posts if you would please or direct me to a site that provides more CORRECT information about Isaan.

Later Y'all