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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Songkran 2012 Thailand 18 dangerous days this year

People will be on the road from Thursday evening 5 April till Monday morning 23 April this year.Chakri Day a Public Holiday falls on Friday the 6th of April. Songkran April 13-15 (Friday-Sunday and  April 16 (Monday) – substitution day for Songkran. I have no idea what days the Thai Government is going to choose as the days to count the holiday death toll, but in truth it should be about 18days. If you plan to be in Thailand during that period public , especially inter provincial transportation will be congested.
The folks at NakonChaiAir, the preferred way to travel between Bankok and Khon Kaen, have already said many of their coaches are already booked during that period.Also during this period keep those things that you do not want wet waterproofed. Although the water is supposed to go on for only 3 days that is rarely the case. In the cities even the times and places are set.
Last year I remember a women 2 days before Songkran in a baht bus on her way to the land office. She was telling her friend about how happy she was to have sold a piece of land, when from the side of the road came a torrent of water, soaking her papers and sending her to tears.Unfortunately this type of conduct is becoming more and more common.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand has set up special areas for westerners to experience the more drunken side of Songkran such as "Soi Khai Ngiaow" in Khon Kaen, but there are many places to enjoy a more family oriented Songkran.
If the nose and the celebration bothers you get out of the country, go to a temple ( some temples are as bad as the towns) or find a quiet village and lock yourself away.
Songkran is quite enjoyable when taken in proper dosage for each person, so enjoy a safe and happy one.