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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reincarnation in Thailand?

Beside all the mistakes in the Tourism Authority of Thailand Apps and Brochures and their websites I di try to find something correct or new. As far as their "Amazing Thailand" app lists many hotels in Khon Kaen, to include some new ones, unfortunately the are all shown in the same incorrect location. The brochure shows 17 Hotels in the downtown area many less than the app
I knew old man Suksawat (this a a letter in thai that is pronounced as an S,but at the end of a word is pronounced as a T, so when it is pronounced 1 way I print it that way) It also makes it easier when some goes looking for the place if they pronounce it less incorrectly, they might actually find it.
In this case that is not going to be a worry.. When I read the page I thought maybe I had got some wrong information a few years back so I called the number, not in service. See, some years ago I was told the Suksawat sold the place and a car park was gong there and some time later that he had died. Well maybe he came back as new Suksawat and maybe the car park did not go in i headed over to the location and here is what I found.
Not only is it fact a car park, it seems to be dead as well, same as old man Suksawat. As well as updating their databases, it would help if Tourism Authority of Thailand worked with one single database. And do as they do in their brochures, list hotels, restaurants, everyplace by Amphor.