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Monday, March 26, 2012

My visit to Tourism Authority of Thailand Khon Kaen Ofiice

I dropped in to the Tourism Authority of Thailand office in Khon Kaen to try to get whatever province brochures, information about Songkran in Khaon Kaen, and the routes they talked about on their facebook page, best you see or hear for yourself. In my opinion some of the staff had some English words, but I feel had no real English comprehension. The worlds biggest water fight Songran schedule is only available in Thai and I managed to get 11 out of 20 Isaan Provincial brochures in English.. They sure did not do much to make me feel welcome in Isaan.


  1. It is not TAT's job to make foreigners feel welcome. They do not want us here.

  2. Did you every think of the fact that Thai can be tourists also and there are about 65mil of them and they do have a lot of money to spend on holidays in Thailand?

    Although I think TAT is not one of the best organisations I think it is in their good right to advertise in Thai only and targeted for Thai people.

    We crazy non-Thai reading & speaking westerners are only a very small target group within Thailand.

    Chang Noi