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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maps, Google Maps and getting to Wat Tham Phuang in Northeast Thailand

I usually go to this cave wat from Sawang Daeng Din, which is North of this area and the wat is south of Song Dao. Even in this small section of road atlas page you can see that it is pretty useless for finding your way around rural Isaan. The brown chedi in the upper left hand corner is where the map makers have put the Wat Tham Phuang icon. Earlier a Thai had told me that there was a route from Waritchphum to the wat and I had actually used it, but was still sure there was a better way from the south, so I opened the Google Maps App on the phone and checked directions and heres what I saw.
 As you can, sorta see Google had me turn left a Kham Bo and into my old route from Waritchaphum. The point of the post is not so much of how to get to the wat, but of the impact Google and Smart phones have on travel in Isaan. You DO have to be careful as Google is not always right, but they are less incorrect than other options.