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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Khon Kaen, Bus Station #3, The continuing Bungle

I have already posted on the dangerous location of the new bus station in Khon Kaen, the change of plan from closing the big bus station in town to the new one becoming the 3rd station. The plan as best I can figure now is that cross county, or cross isaan, coaches will stop here as well as at the big bus station and or the small aircon bus station in town. This will certainly add to the delay, congestion and confusion in town, so once again a fine job done by the planners. Or you might say that people travelling across the region will change buses here if their trip does not begin or end in Khon Ken. Clear as mud.Also what taxi company will be out here, what changes to baht bus routes and so on. I have not found anyone who knows or has a clue as to the new plan.
I stopped to check the status of what is to be bus station #3 in khon kaen the othere day. Anyone who has ever been through a bus station in Thailand I would think is aware of all the food and miscellaneous shops that surround them. Well just in case there is not enough congestion or confusion a new retail facility is being built It looks like the location will be, Khon Kaen bus station 3, KHONKAEN City Park, Firenze ping Mall(Italian?) with a southwest US, or Mexican theme. Now as you might have seen I recently published a video tour if the generally empty Central Plaza Khon Kaen and it is good to see that more empty retail oppurtunities are opening up for investors. Of course any place that has airconditioning fills up with window shoppers, but I rrely see anything  much being sold throughout the area's shoppining venues. Also there is still no definitive starting date for the new station. I do get a lot of "soon" though.
Never the less I will try to keep you as up to date as I can what's happening in the area.