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Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to put Brand Thailand out there asks the Bangkok Post

How to put Brand Thailand out there asks the Bangkok Post, Published: 14/03/2012 at 02:17 AM
"Thailand should brand itself by integrating campaigns initiated by its various ministries and agencies and sending a clear message to the world, says WPP, the world's largest advertising group."
Oh, please, Thai government officials get Masters Degrees in Finger pointing. Work together you gotta be kidding me. This guy must have access to some fine drugs. Then when it says "Mr Sorrell believes Thailand _ or at least Bangkok _ has the potential to be a regional hub but cannot achieve that status due to heavy competition from other Asian cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing." I almost believe he might be part Thai, We are Number 1 except for the 4 in front of us I can hear coming from any Government Officer in Thailand.
""I think China knows how to use such events to fashion people's attitudes," said Mr Sorrell." Here's one for the Tourism Authority of Thailand "We are Not as big as China, but we are as corrupt"
. He said Thailand's ad industry has many opportunities for digital media use because the country hopes to soon roll out third-generation (3G) service. The annual 3G rumour. And if it should ever happen the situation will be like Khon Kaen now. We have it , it's just not working right now!
 "In addition, there are 12 million Facebook users and 4 million smartphones in the country, while the One Tablet per Child scheme is just getting underway." There used to be a poster that I saw at the "USNews and World Report" office" that showed a picture a a burned up fried egg with the quote "Your brain if you read "Time" the weekly news mag in America. And another perfect fried egg with the caption "Your brain on "USNews and World Report". The ruined fried egg is pretty much facebook to me. And when you read it, the majority of the Thai contributions, never mind.
Smartphones. What percentage are in western hands? What percentage are for face only? and the One Tablet per Child is still a scam in progress. I am sure this guy and his company look to make scads of money in Thailand while the rest of live the Thai cycle of life, flood, drought,flood, drought,flood, drought,flood, drought,flood, drought,flood, drought,flood, drought,flood, drought,
And they put the article in the Business instead of the Humour section