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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wat Yod Kaeo, Vieng Khuk, Nong Khai, Thailand

Some of the contents of this temple are more than 500 years old, and as you can see substantial. I have found them listed NOWHERE. They are not listed by the province in it's list of interesting sites, not listed by khon kaen university as culturally significant and certainly not listed by the Tourism authority of Thailand. I am finding that the 81 temples listed by the Culture Arts Center at khon kaen university is simply an arbitrary listing and the temples were chosen at random. I stopped at couple places in the village and asked about old stuff and people sent me to 2 places not mentioned. I hope the researchers at khon kaen university can speak and understand Thai at least as well as I do (ROFL) Or, perhaps, they were just easy to find. I have found in Vieng Khuk 2 more than the Cultural Center did find.
I have now visited some of the sites listed by the cultural center and their site surveys in some cases are certainly incomplete. One thing I have learned, from what I have experienced in Thailand Academics, Researchers, Scholars, Historians and others operate as efficiently as Thai Journalists and perhaps as ethically.
In this case I am putting the orientation video and album in the same post. I would have thought it difficult to miss a 10 meter tall laterite column about 500 years old and Buddha head even older.
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