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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wat Norawararam วัดนรวราราม Buddhism in Kalasin Northeast Thailand

Wat Norawararam วัดนรวราราม Nong Sung Mukdahan 49160, Thailand surveyed by "The Culture and art Centere" at Khon Kaen University is located just off route 12 between Somdet and Mukdahan. The road from Somdet in Kalasin to Mukdahan town is somewhat scenic, but I am sure to the surprise of many has a number of places of interest along the way. I have pointed others out already. Unfortunately I arrived at the wat just as the monks were beginning their meal at 0800. This is one of those temples where the supporters chant for the time the monks are taking their meal and I was enroute to Kalasin and unable to wait for someone to open the sim for me. There is a fair bit to see at this old temple so take a look, and I will be back to get some photos inside the building.
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