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Monday, February 13, 2012

Wat Laktikwan, วัดลัฎฐิกวัน, Mukdahan

Wat Laktikwan, in Mukdahan is yet another listed by the Culture Arts Center at Khon Kaen University. You will see quite a difference between their survey and mine. I agree with their location, but do not know how they came up with the age of 300 years. I might have missed those things they show, but will return to the site when I have the chance to check it out. I am working on my SOP and will have it refined soon, but for the moment am semi-satisfied with my work. The pecise locations are available in my google maps. If wifi were available in isaan I would be able to cross check their survey while on site, but at most of these locations even GPRS is dodgy.
The statuary in the Ubosot is absolutely amazing and the present use of the building seems to be for storing old band equipment and other junk. Once again if and when I get any data as to the who, what, where, why and when I will post an update.