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Friday, February 17, 2012

Part II History, Art, Culture and Buddhism in Northeast Thailand

I have now stopped in  Jao Khana Changwat temples to get information about the temples in Isaan, as well as the offices of Palad Tesaban, All the names will remain private. The Jao Khana is the head monk of the province and the palad tesaban you might say is usually the recording administrator in ta municiality.
None of the temples\offices of the senior monks had a copy of "The History of Wats Throughout The Country" that I found so useful in Kalasin. I guess that book (and it's many volumes) is found in the offices of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The one book I was introduced to by a very senior monk, with the honorific "Raj"is the one pictured on the left "the buddhist saint of the forest and cult of the amulets" The monk called this the definitive book on Buddhism in Isaan. He could offer no help as to the history of temples in the Province. I had heard about the book, but had never seen it before. When I asked if they were for sale in Thailand he saaid not to worry he would get it copied and directed a subordinate, monk, to have it for me by morning. Anyhow the senior monk had another 15 minutes questions for me after which I caught up with the other monk and offered to take the book myself. He told me not to worry he would get a monastic discount and I could pay him the next day. I have never had a monk steal for me before. And when I asked about money he informed me that it was alright for monks to handle money. This whole experience is giving me an insight into Buddhism in Thailand that is more and more depressing