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Monday, February 27, 2012

High Speed Internet in Northeast Thailand

High Speed Internet in Northeast Thailand is not a joke, it's a crime.
Early in January, the 4th to be exact I started the AIS 3G promotion, where I get 3 Gig of 3G plus unlimited wifi through 3BB Hotspots for just under 1,000 Baht a month.
Part of the plan being to provide streaming video at Beung Kaen Nakhon during Songran. And to  start regular Isaan Live broadcasts at scheduled times.
as I learned the ropes January actually went pretty well, but through February things have gone downhill.
I have managed to find the 3BB map of wifi hotspots in Isaan and elswhere. The thing that needs to be remembered about the hotspots is that they cover about a 20 meter radius and the proprietors  often "shut own" at night and other times. In a way the wifi system has been a bit more reliable than 3G. It is the lack of coverage that is the "bugger". The best wifi signal I got was from my own account, but for the time period surveyed wife generally outperforms 3G.
I have contacted AIS about the 3G problem, but need to go into the office in Khon Kaen, where I usually manage to get the best? information.
I will continue to post updates as they happen. Here is the 3BB hotspot map. It is in Thai but "Google Translate" will make it usable for you. It is good for the entire country.