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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buddhist Murals at Wat Phra Si Mahapho, วัดพระศรีมหาโพธิ์, Mukdahan, Thailand

I had posted this monastery before I was aware of ajahn Pairote Samosorn and his book "E-sarn Mural Paintings". There is a copy of his single page on this temple in the album. I have seen a number of dates for  construction of this Sim, Ubosot, but it appears it was constructed around 1915 or 1916. I have found no information as to the date or who painted the murals. In the English translation of Samosorn's book he mentions that the scenes are divided by black bands, of which I see no evidence. The art in the building appears to be from the Vessantara Jataka.  The Wetsandon Chadok is part of many of the murals and other art in Isaan. Boom Pawaet when the Jataka tales are recited in temples throughout the region is celebrated in the 4th lunar month.
I found not only the painting , but the woodwork quiet interesting. I hope you enjoy the album.
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