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Monday, January 30, 2012

Wat Pa Ban Tad, Sunday 29.01

I had slept in Sunday morning and had not planned on getting to Ban Tad early. Getting out of Khon Kaen was a nightmare as the marathon was going on and Thai police were out directing traffic (read making matters worse. After 45 minutes of roadblocks a sitting in unmoving lines I finally got outside the ring road and heading north, just what I needed after 2 days of birthday celebration. I stopped at "the ancient city of Dong Muang Aem" (more on that soon) and headed up to the temple. The place was packed. I has expected a crowd,  but nothing like this. Of course crowds mean cars and it was a mess. I finally got parkrd and headed up to the sala area. I caught up with Phra Peter and he sort of updated me on what was going on. I decided that it will be best to get back the morning of the 30th before 0600 and park outside near the car park that was used after Luangta Maha Bua died. Internet and phone service in the Udon area has been terrible so I am just this post out in the wee hours. as you can see in the photo above the food folks were out giving away food and Kao Khee was a favorite. February is Boon Khao Khee in Heet sip song. You might a lso notice the tents in the background, as quite a few people will be camping out at the wat to be there at 0353 the moment of his death 1 year ago in about 51 minutes as I type this