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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Buddhist Temple Thailand more than 130 years old along the Mekong

The other day I mentioned the Ubosot that is more than 130 years old in and Isaan village along the Mekhong. When I was back the other day I stopped to take another look and get more photos.
The name of the temple is Wat Udom Son Phra Pone, or near facsimile. As I had thought on first visit the bot does not face east , but west. In this section the Mekong flows from south to north so facing the river is west.
I plan on visiting the office of the Jao A Changwat in Nong Khai as well as a few other provinces to get information on old wats this year.
There was no one around so I got no info whatsoever regarding the chedi as well. It sort of looks like a chedi in a chedi. The ceiling in the Bot has been well maintained as has the rest of the structure.
100 years ago there was not much in the way of roads in this area and the major means of transportation was boat. During that time the Lao from Vientiane traveled down river to maintain That Phanom, as well.