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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Offering alms to the monks 30.01.12 crowds and monks at wat pa ban tad

When I stopped out Sunday at Ban Tad the monks I spoke with had no idea what was going to happen Monday the 30th, but mentioned the size of the crowd there for alms round that morning. I noticed the large number of people who were camping out and the numbers of monks arriving.
I got back to Wat Pa Ban Tad just after 0500 on the anniversary of Luangta Maha Boowa's death and the line of cars and people entering the ground was rising and 1,000s were being fed at the stands between the outside and inside gate.
I could not get a count of the monks inside the "outside sala", the one between the 2 gates and as the crowds grew it became impossible to get near the sala at all. Tables were getting set up just outside the sala and it was being announced that the volunteers would bring the monks bowls out to the tables and the people started queuing of to offer alms.
What I have done in the post has been to compile both a album and a 30 second video to help you experience this part of the morning with more still to come.
click on the up arrow in the lower right hand corner to view the album full screen album up arrow to view full screen

and the video