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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Investigation of the Buddhist Murals of Isaan Thailand วัดสนวนวารีพัฒนาราม wat sanuanwareepatanaram

"Wat Sanuanpatanaram", formerly known as Wat Ban Huanong, was founded on 15 August 1867.The Ubosot or sim (ordination hall) was built in 1923 with an influence of Vietnamese craftsmanship. It houses a Buddha image in the attitude of subdoing Mara.The building measures 5 meters wide and 7.3 meters long There are eight set of 3 boundary stones facing different cardinal stones (I only saw 2 sets of 3) The entrance is on the east sise The staircase is decorated with nagas (mythical snakes)rails. The mural paintings were painted in 1953. on the inside walls depictstories of Vessantara Jataka and the outside walls depict stories of Sinsai (Isan lierature and Scene of Hell.The Ubosot was registered as an ancient monument in the gazette 21 December 2001" The above is quoted from that plaque in front of the Ubosot and with the 2 describing inside murals and outside murals provides more information than my other 3 sources of information. I am amazed that this basic information in a clrar concise way is not presented in the other academic publications. As far as Ajahn Pairotes book published in both Thai and English I cannot be sure that the English is a translation of the Thai or just an incomplete summary. If so I would have thought that it would be noted in the English section. His book is called "E-sarn Mural Paintings" The E-sarn. The Office of Cuture at Khon Kaen University or The E-sarn Culture and Art Center have a list of aprox. 81 temples "Local Arts and Architecture of Esarn Buddhist Arts". Their list does not include all of the Temples identified in "E-sarn Mural Paintings". Even though I have unable to locate the list there are not 74 mural ubosots in the list. Anyhow here is the 1st of this investigation for this year, enjoy As I was there in the morning photograhping the east facing plaques was difficult. If enough people cannot read the layout plans I might either reprint them or redo them at some point in the future click on the up arrow in the lower right hand corner of the album to view full screen.