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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friendship Highway, Khon Kaen, Thailand a morning drive 14.01.12

WE have HSPA highspeed internet in much of Khon Kaen town now, giving me the opurtunity to broadcast live, and I have been taking advantage of iy so that viewers can see what life is like here. I havebeen trying tofigure out the ins and outs of broadcasting live along with methods and equipment available in the area. Part of the challenge when trying to broadcast Isaan Live at 5 is finding a location or locations. From some places I can use my netbook and external webcam. Finding a webcam in isaan is a challenge as now people use their phones and built in cams i notebooks. Then there are financial constrains, so anyone wanting better Isaan Live is welcome to visit Fred and Barney. All the past visdeos that have not been deleted are at search for isaanlive. If you want go ahead and subscribe for advance notice of upcoming broadcast. If I am going to be broadcasting throughout the day as I did on Saturday you can simply go to and keep it minimized on your screen. You will hear the audio from a new broadcast and restore to watch. This seems to be working now, sometimes you might have to reload the page. Anyhow here is a view of a drive in Khon Kaen. You can see the fun I havewith both the equipment and traffic.