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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Along the Mekhong Day 2 09.01.12

After spending the Night in Phibun Manghansahan, where I found a place with wifi and places to eat and drink in walking distance I headed to Kaeng Jukan and experienced a GPS gone mad as it had me plotted near Khe Sanh in Viet  Nam. After sorting things out I noted the lack of commercial interest here. When I first stumbled on this keang it looked like a good spot for some food and bev stands.
I moved on to Pak La taking the river road stopping shooting and getting some good local information. After Pak La I moved up To Don Tan Forest to take a look around and visit the 7 kilometer cave at Wat Patihan (it's a miracle). The generator had crapped out and folks were praying for it's repair. I moved on and mapped some Kaengs along the river. I planned on camping at  Kaeng Cahang Mop, but 100k wind sent me one to more substantial lodging.
The photos are geotagged if you go to the album