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Monday, January 9, 2012

Along the Mekhong Day 1 08.01.12

I got to Mukdahan the afternoon of the 7th and scoured the town for wifi locations to transmit Live at 5 from Isaan Live. For a Provincial capital it was a sad situation. First of all 3BBhotspot is a commercial, pay for service and it might be fair to think they might have wifi service where people gather, like the night food market and riverside. Nope! The one place I found a decent signal was between the night food market and the river.
Anthow, the morning of the 8th was up early to shoot sunrise a Phu Pa Doep outside Muk. To my dismay I had forgotten to get petrol the night before, forgetting that noe stations were iopen before 0600. Never mind I'll fill up in Kemmerat. Anyhow as you can see I accomplished the early morning shooting and arrived at Kemmarat to find out that not only did they not accept credit card no 95 Octane3 was available. Okay so existed on 91 till I got to Phibun Mangsahan in Ubon last night. The3re is no 95 Octane petrol from Mukdahan to Phibun at the time of this writing.
I did find a couple spots along the river that I had not previously mapped and plan on staying at one tonight or tomorrow.
I did get some info on a 7k long cave that I will be visiting today and some other bits and pieces after some early morning administrative stuff. Basically today will be caves and the Mekong in Ubon.
Click on the album to view in map in my picasa album
And last but not least feel free to visit Fred and Barney to keep Isaan Live on the Road.