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Monday, December 19, 2011

WOW, more Spooky Thailand, an Isaan Perspective

I just finished commenting on some of the news in Thailand, when I stumbled on even more of it.
This one gave me "fllod flashbacks". I doubt you remember but at one time the Lam Pao Reservoir in Kalasin was ofverflowing at the spillway and at 100% capacity, while the Ubol Ratana Reservoir, Khon Kaen, level had not reached the spillway and was at 120% capacity. So it seems that 100% full is more than 120% full.
Any how the Bangkok post reported on 2 polls the Abac poll stated that "A total of 62.5 per cent of the respondent disagreed with the cabinet reshuffle, saying it is not the right timing, too soon and could lead to more conflicts," while the Dusit Poll tells us "...said 59.23 per cent of the respondents said it was the right time for cabinet reshuffle because many ministers had not performed duty well, 21.18 per cent of them were not sure and 19.59 per cent said it was too soon."
Now I would think that any "real" newspaper with "real" journalists would be on this like stink on shit.
Who's right and who is wrong? It wouldn't be that Thai people say what they think someone wants to hear?
Two polls, two completely different responses to the same question and nowhere near a margin of error explanation. As a matter of fact there is no posted margin of error. Let's for giggles assume a 5% + or _ margin. That means beteewn 10% and 30% difference in the 2 Polls. What the hell, who cares anyhow.
Journalists question these type of things in countries where there is journalism.
Oh well like Mr. Thanong of thailand's other "nearly english language newspaper" said "God Bless King" by wich I assume he meant Elvis.

And That's my Isaan Perspective for today!