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Friday, December 23, 2011

Wat Sa Bua Kaeo

I used the Tourism Authority of Thailand as my reference the other day when writing the post "Could you win 10,000 Baht from the Tourism Authority of Thailand" (Part 1" to point one thing out.But there is another point or maybe two here.
First of all if this temple is thought to be of interest to tourists, how many more area there and where are they?  Soe are listed, who knows how many are not. When researching and documenting the Khmer sites in Mahasarakham, along with other non or mis listed sites of interest that there are more wrongs than rights when looking up places of interest in Isaan.
Secondly, and this is going to be a section in what will be "Part 2" of winning 10,00 Baht, is when is the tourism Authority of Thailand and the rest of the Thai Government goung to get into the 21st century?
Here is part of the Sa Bua Kaeo albem
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