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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spooky in Thailand (and they call los angeles lala land)

Nearly every day what I call spooky stories appear in Thailand;s Nearly English Language dailies. Namely the Bangkok Post and the Nation. Last week seemed to be the most spookiest I have seen in ages..
The first leads with " Sex trade lures girls in early teens
A recent upsurge in the number of underage girl prostitutes in some northeastern provinces is causing concern, a children's rights advocate group says".
The first thing that struck me was that the Amphor in Mahasarakham mentioned is a rural area about 70 kilometers from the capital. How is it that this one area gets pointed out? Is it an aberration, or is it endemic in Isaan,
Now Khon Kaen and Mahasarakham    are major University towns and co-eds selling sex has been going on for quite a while.
From what I have seen at many of these places is that there is no guidance for these kids and they are not taught the consequences of earning a little pocket money on their backs.
Walk around anywhere in the cities of Thailand and you can see that these kids are no longer taught respect, morals or standards.
Their parents are obsolete and their teachers ignorant. It is a sad future for many of these children. Everyday I see teenagers and their babies wandering the Malls, with no real future in sight.
The next article also in the Post A very dangerous game they play "A 12 year old can manage her own Facebook page, but a prime minister needs a team of administrators. Thousands of pictures of His Majesty the King are readily available, but the team found and posted a rare picture of King Ananda. A few clicks would ..."
And this about our Toxin proxy  ...This is because, by her own admission, throughout her four months as the head of government, she often doesn't have much, if anything, to do with the workings of the government.

And this does not help either ..."The game that they play is instilling fear, doubt, distrust, uncertainty, anger and hatred among the people _ making the situation ripe for exploitation.
When the elite are playing their game of thrones, the commoners are merely pawns, sacrificial lambs and collateral damage."
Do not ask who is in charge here.

The last but not least we end with this The lawful interception of civil rights an isightful opinion piece.
Here's a quote "ver here in the Land of Reactionary Justice we know exactly what we are doing. We're kicking ass and taking names. And to make that job a little easier we're going to install some Lawful Interception (LI) systems to help us do a better job.
In case you don't know, LI systems and other kinds of IT intrusion technology are the bogeyman of the online world. They can potentially penetrate any type of emails (Hotmail, Google, Yahoo). It can also allow the user to watch you as you Skype. So put your shirt back on."

Just read the article and be afraid, be very afraid.