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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shortages, Still! in Isaan ( Glad to see the ever alert press is reporting all this)

Most places still do not have liter or larger bottles of drinking water, but for some reason liter and larger bottles of premium, (read high priced) are available.
Most bog roll is in shrt supple the Tesco in Nong Khai had only the plastic type. You can almost wash and reuse the stuff. You really have to be a hard ass to use it.
Also big on the list of missing are many flavours of Mama noodles. Wholesale ssellers and most shops down to a very few.
I guess the folk in Bangkok must still be hoarding the stuff. Or does anyone know WTF is going on?
Also looked like nappies and other supplies missing from the shelves.
But not to worry there is plenty of "Red Cock" to help us take our minds off our problems in isaan.