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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum, Khon Kaen, Isaan, Thailand I

After 12 years I finally arrived to find the Museum open, more or less. I had stopped up a number of times over the years and it always seemed to be closed. The Tourism Authority of Thailand brochure notes that the Museum is closed on Wednesday. Last time I was up in the area during the rainy season I was told by staff on site that is Closed on Mondays, of course I went up there on the Monday so as not to be there on the day TAT said it was closed. So after a couple stops I arrived to find the place open, with a few cars in the carpark. After about 10 minutes I had seen all there was to see and was even more confused than usual. A slow stroll to both floors barely took up the 10 minutes, but I stood looking at the snack a teria wondering why it was bare of sellers. I went out to the car and rang Larry of Khon Kaen Retirement fame to find out what was here when he visited a few years ago and he told me what here remembered and here is his video from the place a few years ago.
I then overheard a Employee explaing to a decidely French tourist and his companion that there is major renovation work going on and the main section would reopen next year. The Frenchman was not impress and asked why the TAT office in Khon Kaen did not inform him of the situation begore he hired a car to come up here. At this point I fell to the floor and started to #LMAO
Did they give you a brochure? I asked
No, said he
He went on to tell me he was a geologist\dinosaurist person from France and quiet interested in these thing and was quite disappointed with TAT  #LMAO and the whole situation.
I agreed and pointed out that at least it was free and he went on to tell me rental rates of cars in Khon Kaen.
It was at that moment that the Thai family coughed there way by. With the woman protesting the danger to her and her family from the fumes.
I forgot to mention that they were painting or coating an area with a material that caused a very High High" but a major headache as well, which caused the frenchman to bring up the fact that the place should not even be open due to the fumes and that he could not even get a bottle of water. I mentioned that they here probably all dead from the fumes.
I did take the time to tell him about the Dinosauria in Sahatsakhan, Kalasin and what else was available in the area. I think the Museum in Kalasin is much larger than the one in Phu Wiang. Especially until work here is completed sometime in the future, eventually, maybe.
Cll TAT for more info. #LMAO, #ROFL
I did enjoy the pink dinosaurs the best, outside the gate
More of the day in a later post.
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