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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Mekhong River in Northeast Thailand, Isaan 01.12.11

Late last month I began my latest tour of the Mekhong River at Chiang Khan in Loei Province and contiued downriver to Sri Chiang Mai in Nong Khai Province. My first post, linked here, presents the geotagged mobile phone photos of the trip in a map in Picasa Web. In this post are the DSLR photos taken along the way. Anyone interested in nature will surely enjoy this trip along the Mekong through rural Isaan. The town og Pak Chom provides a pleasant break for lunch, a place to rest for the night or just a break along the way. Sri Chiang Mai in Nong Khai Province once again offers an number of options for the traveler. Surrounded by hills the river valley provides a fertile environment for the banana trees and other local crops. As the elevation of water in the river drops the banks on both sides begin to get planted with the winter crops of the region.