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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meditation Centers in Isaan, The hunt Part 1

I posted on the 10th of December that I was going to start to look for meditation centers and start I have.
Extensive "Google" searches led me to a site found by searching "Vipassana Meditation Khon Kaen", and went in search. I had the village name and went to the correct village, but had forgotten to bring the Moo and house number.
Anyhow I spoke with a number of people stopped ay an number of temples and nobody had heard of the place. I emailed them and as yet have received a reply. There is a meditation building on Glaang Muang Road in Khon Kaen and have not had the chance to get there yet.
There are supposed to be meditation classes at wat Pothinonthan. I have spoken to a couple monks there, but am unable to get contact or clear concise precise information.
I then made my way to Wat Pa Kanchanapisek. I happened upon a western monk from new zealand and only had time for a brief chat.
I returned a few days later and had the chance to have a good talk.
First of all you can go to Right View and look for yourself.
The monks name is Phra Brett also  Bhikkhu Varadinno and his email address. The website is sketchy and out of date, but does have some good links. There is supposed to be a New Year Retreat starting January 2 2012. He should have more info I will be posting more information soon. And am still researching more meditation venues in Isaan,