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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A look around Wat Pa Ban Tad on the 1st anniversary of the death Luangta Maha Boowa (stills)(30.1.12 WILL BE THE IST ANNIV.)

As I said I arrived at the wat about 0600 and there were few folks around, but the numbers grew till alm round. I keep forgetting the sunrises late in the winter. Some monks went off on their regular rounds. I saw Phra Rahula with another monk I know, but did not recognize him at first. Had a great visit. He was with Bhante Gunaratana for many years. Bhante G as he is known is Sri Lankan and very respected. I spent time whenever I got a chance at his place in West Virginia run by the Bhawana Society. Folks are also circumambulating the site of his cremation Many of the folks went to pay their respects at Luangta' kuti where a modern care unit was set up for him. The clocks are stopped at his times of death 0353h. And the upper floor of the sala is now set up as a tasteful shrine rooms to Lauangta. I hope you enjoy the look araoun Wat Pa Ban Tad.
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