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Friday, December 2, 2011

Journalism, Thailand, Corruption, Ethics another view from Isaan 02.12.11

Ethics forgotten & Gone in Thailand
You have got to be kidding me! The Nation ( Thailand's Nearly English Language Newspaper) responds to Thailand's new corruption rating with just the kind of Thai Logic we expect. Now this is the type of in depth responsible drivvle they at which they excel. "The ranking was released on Thursday by Transparency International, said Transparency Thailand Secretary General Juree Vichit-Vadakan", who went on (Go Figure) to praise Thailand's fine work in reducing corruption. And of course not one who would call him or herself a journailist in this country saw fit to question the Transparency Thailand Secretary General
On November 17th I posted this which includes a link to the Society of Professional Journalist code of Ethics.
 "A billion baht stolen from a Permanent Secretary's home might be some indicator of the level of corruption in Thailand. I wonder what a Secretary General is worth?
And one might wonder. "What are the ethics of online journalism?" Well here is the answer. It would seem journalists around the world (almost) promote ethics and a search for truth.
The same flood fiction is still printed daily. I have seen many checks received, but I am damned if I have seen much distributed.

Never mind TIT! That is why no journalists died in the flood "Shit Floats".