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Monday, December 26, 2011

A glimpse of an Isaan Village in Thailand (Cold Season)

This the time of year that the 2d rice planting is in if you have enough water. For other folks it is the time of year for crops like corn. Some years the corn is sweet and tender and some it's a bit like sawdust. We,ll soon start to find out as it is often roasted over the charcoal fires that keep folks warm on the cold Isaan mornings. Those villages along the Mekong start their gardens as the river levels drop. Some villages have a steep bank and some quite gentle. Some of the steep banks have been reinforced and the stone used takes away large areas of garden. The river will eventually get almost shallow enough to walk across to Laos and bank and it gets more and more difficult to maintain the fish farm cages. Where the bank is quite gentler sand is dredged on both banks. The ubosot shown here is about 134 years old, daing back to a time before the the creation of the Dhammayut order in Thailand when there was more travel by boat than by vehicle. Housing along the river is often quiet basic and occasionally very colorful. And every now and then you find a house for sent. Click on the up arrow in the lower right hand corner of the album for full screen view.