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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Could you win 10,000 Baht from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (Part 1)

Now that I have your attention. Take a close look at what is there and then read this quote that is used by the Tourism Authority of Thailand's Brochure. "The temple is located at Ban Wang Khun. The mural and sculptural works of this temple is worth a visit. Crouching guardian lion replicas are on both sides of the stairway leading up to the Ubosot, ordination hall, with sculptures of men stretching their legs in front in front."
Now as you can see these men are certainly NOT stretching their legs> In fact they are sitting.
next I do not see a crouching anything on either side of the stairway. Whatever it is, it is sitting. And with a mouth like that it might be a crocodile, alligator, naga, or whatever. Okay the point is TAT is wrong. Now they might argue that they contract out the work. Fine they publish it they are responsible.o now we come to the 10,000 Baht deal.
the Tourism Authority of Thailand starts an new promotion "We pay you to Visit Thailand"
For every mistake, omission, mislocated location or error in a TAT Brochure or online post all a person with a foreign passport, not holding a Thai Passport bring in to the pertinent TAT office proof of error (in this case the Khon Kaen office) and they will be awarded the 10,000 Baht cash on the spot. And a certificate that they are a "Tourism Authority of Thailand Official Angel."
Now there will be a part 2 to this post to demonstrate how not only will this be cost effective for TAT, but will promote enthusiasm in would be tourists, correct the errors and, in still more ways, bring the TAT into the 21st century