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Thursday, December 22, 2011

24 Hours in Isaan 21-22.12.11 1700-1700

ON THE 21st at 1700 happy hour a bit of food and a stroll down the road 50 meters to another local where I stopped for a bit of chin wag and a night. Don't know if that kid died. Looked like he would make it.
Next morning 22d down the road, still dark and this kid was dead for sure.
The sugar cane trucks are spreading havoc on the country lanes and overloaded often tip over.
Stopped at Wat Pa Kanchanapisek, in Amphor Phu Wiang in Khon Kaen to chat with the Kiwi monk there. He only has 3 Pansaa but seems comfortable in his skin. His teacher gets back the 1st of January and I quite look forward to meeting him. Left there had had to stop for a funeral crossing the road.
Interesting 24 hours, 2 dead for sure, 1 maybe. At the wat and open and close the 24 hours with a peaceful beverage.
Just another 24 hours in Isaan. Beer, dead folks, good food driving, accidents and buddhism.