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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

20 Billion Baht. Where does it come from in Thailand

It looks like the Toxin, phase 2 government is going to budget that amount of money for flood recovery, whatever that means.
If I remember correctly the Deans of a couple major Bangkok Universities came up with repair costs before the floodwaters had receded. All the answers to solving the problem (flooding) and the costs are coming in faster than the floodwaters hit Ayudya.
As there is no investigative journalism in Thailand, as well as no journalistic ethics guidance the government will have no trouble to continue hoodwinking the citizens of the country.
That 20 billion the government is going to spend comes from the people of Thailand.
Have previous studies been reviewed? Who Knows.
As a matter of fact has all the recording tolos that measured flows and everything else been checked for calibration? If dikes, canals, pumps and whatever else are blocked, dirty and not working what is to say anything is correct.
Some things are, or should be quite obious, like this article about the canals and more at Ayudya. And not to be outdone by flood questions the drought is arriving now. I had already seen signs of this in my recent trip to Ubon RatcA
nd what about Isaan? Is a third of the country to be left behind again. This is the backbone of the Toxin dynisty support and as usual will be treated like an area a bit south of the backbone.
I have heard the statement that there are more questions than answers, but in thailand there are no questions or answers. Sadly just more of the same