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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Isaan Update 28.11.11 Views and comments on Thai Flood and More

Isaan, we stayed

World Bank Says Floods Cost Thailand $45 Billion, But Thais Continue Smiling

This has to be one of the most inane preposterous articles yet about the consequences and cost of the flood. It is right there with "The Darkies are Gay"
So, when you read Thailand has lost $45 billion in this whole mess...... $45 billion? What's that?
Peanuts. Thailand will get through it. It always does. And the country will be even better off for it."
Sort of like saying dropping the bomb on Hiroshima helped modernze the place.
moving right along
Poll: Politicians involved in flood graft
and only 80% of the people think so, what do the other 20% think.
Figure it this way a Permanent Secretary with at least a half billion baht in his house times how many Permanent Secretaries? And how many assistants to Permanent Secretaries and so on down the line.
Poll: Froc most disappointing

Go read read it yourself, not much surprising here, but interesting none the less.
This from twitter
"#thaifloodeng Engineering Council to provide free inspection of flooded homes by engineers of different fields, call 080-812-3733 and 080-812-3743 /TANN"
 I am sure every engineer in Thailand that helped cause this didaster is a part of this Council. I would want them nowhere near my home!
And Finally what must be a drug induced "Opinion" piece from "Thailand's nearly english language Newspaper", The Nation.
The way they manage to misrepresent Buddhist terms is astounding. Read the Ditthi Sutta and the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta and then look at how those terms are used in the article
How they mis represent Buddhist tems is amazing.
Someone please explain what they are trying to do here.