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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Traffic, Price Gouging and More in Khon Kaen Isaan 30.10.11

I had lunch and a couple beer Leo  Saturday at Krua Sri-Saard and was talking as we all do now about the flooding, shortages and goings on around the area. Someone asked me if I had seen the nuber of used clothes stalls around. And, come to think of it,I had. At first I couldn't figure it out then it dawned on me. GNW (government non workers) aka government officers get clothes donated for flood victims either working with a family member or sell them to someone to sell as used clothes for a profit. This also happens during the cold season with warm clothing and blankets. So one way or another your donations get put to good use. I had taken a look at the aircon bus station on the way to lunch where folks were talking about the large numbers of family returning to Isaan due to flooding in central Thailand and Bangkok and the economic consequences on Isaan and another thought hit me. So I stopped and got a photo at the station and hailed a cab.. The isa a cab stand at the station and only 1 sat there. Sure said the driver 100 baht to my location. I was a bit astounded as I had only ever encountered Raja Taxi drivers pulling this kind of stunt. He pulled out quickly once I lifted my phone and got these before he could abscond. I hope this was just a case of a dumb driver, but I will continue to check it out.
And check it out I did. I got in a cab near Wat That late Sunday morning and later in the day got in 1 near the Pullman Hotel in Khon Kaen, with no problem. The meter was promptly turned on, I gave my destination and was delivered politely and by good routes. I have a hunch that there will always be 1 or 2 bad apples in the bunch. NEVER let a taxi in Khon Kaen take you somewhere in town without using the meter. And for out of town they carry a rate structure book in Thai and English