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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thai Flood Updates and Opinion from Isaan 18.11.11

Well from up here in the Northeast of th Land of Smiles it looks like the Tourism Authority of Thailand is going to have to get out a mighty big paintbrush to whitewash the events surrounding the flood.
My first read from the Bangkok Post Six injured in explosion at floodwall fails to mention the "Smiling Thais" who blew the thing up. Oh I agree that anyplace else in the world there might have been riots weeks if not moths ago. I don't mean to say I condone the action, but the government when not using the victims for propaganda pieces has done as little as possible to relieve the suffering of its citizens. They must have forgotten that people are not as gullible and easily manipulated as the poor folks of isaan, who you simply dump on the side of a highway for more than a month.
And let us not ignore the question, Where is our Uniquely Caring Thai Society? Perhaps all this Land of Smiles, and Loving People has been a myth for years.
Speaking of which I also stumbled onto this "Flood Timeline", that completely omits isaan from the flooding.
And once again stories about all the aid and assistance being reported by various news agencies.
No I am not whining, and I realize that the people in the North did not fair much better, or so I am told.
As far as I have been able to determine there have been few if any followup visits by health officials or anyone else to the villages or the people affected by the floods here in Isaan. I realize I have months of follow up work to do to document what was not done for or offered to the folks in Isaan.
And last but certainly not least are the planning reforms, being planned. Before reforming the planning laws a review of existing laws might be in order. And are any of the existing laws even implemented?  Hohum!
Anyhow that's all for today and perhaps the weekend, as I am heading off along the Mekhong River.