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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tesco, Makro, Big C, Khon kaen, Isaan Update 15.11.00

The Tesco Lotus carpark was about 60% full when I arrived about 0930. I chose an arbitrary row of vehicles and out of 16, 5 were Bangkok registered. Tesco is well resupplied. I don't see large water Bottles anywhere except Big C.
This is the 1st time I have noticed a number of mixed race couples from Bangkok in the area. There is no hidden meaning there. Obviously westerners marry women from Bankok or Central Thailand and are flood Victims. No I do not know for a fact where these women are from, I am guessing from their size, colour and dress.
On to Makro and wow do those people know how to restock. About 10% Bangkok vehicles. But the can move stock.
Big C seems to be lagging a bit behind. Bog roll while plenty not much choice of brands. They do have large bottles of Cactus water. And yes we have no Beer Chang, but there is plenty of Leo in Isaan.
Sorry about the blur in some photos but these  places really prefer you do not photograph on the property.
At all places local products are well stocked