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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Special thanks to the Thai Red Cross from Isaan

the red cross website shows all that they have done in isaan.
In all the hours and days I was out I have never seen, nor heard of anyone seeing them out at flood stricken areas. Here is the up to date info on donations, so they say. Donation received as of 15 Nov. 11 : 419,294,009.85 Baht 100,000.00 SGD Total expenditure as of 15 Nov . 11 : 225,175,430.00 Baht What are they holding onto the money for? A rainy day? and where and to whom has the money spent gone? How much was spent in Isaan and where? I would like to go see for myself.
All these people carry smart phones with GPS so I am sure it is all documented