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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pong to Chii River, Isaan 08.11.11

This is my third trip from The lower pong to the Chii river in Mahasarakhm upriver of Kosum Phisai then the back road into mahasarakham Uni
Conditions keep getting better. One villgae is now off the road cleaning up the mess. The River Chii is down nearly a meter from its crest.
Another subject that no one seems to have  addressed as yet is standing water left behind as waters recede. The road along the lower Pong and section of Chii acts as a dyke to keep water from flooding. Of course they were ineffective and water streamed across. Now water is trapped in the so called protected area and has no way to escape. In some places it looks as though the water in the flood protected areas is deeper that the flood levels along the rivers.
In some areas the rice is ruined, in some being harvested. I will post more rice harvesting in a future post.