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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More up to date reporting about Isaan

I reported on the Friday the 4th of November that travel warning issued by the Thai Government run contrary to the way they want other governments to report on any situation in Thailand. No out of date reports and no scathing generalities
Well it is now the 8th of November and it seems the Thai government is doing all it can to punish many of the provinces outside Bangkok. Is it because they are inept or is it that the Thai Government is going to be out looking for donations to help the poor flooded folks of the provinces.
The Roads are open to
Yes there was terrible flooding in most of Thailand and yes it is going to be some time before people in some areas are back in there homes. The FCO acts and publishes on the data that the Thai government provides. All the Thai Government has to do is provide clear ACCURATE information, which it seems unable to do anywhere in the Kingdom. Why are are these Provinces still on the no travel list?