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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Modern Isaan Blessing or Scourge

Ajahn Chah and Sumedho Bhikku, back in the day, borrowed from a book
I left Khon Kaen Friday Morning and it is now Sunday afternoon. I have seen flooding and drought in the same day, I have seen suffering and joy. The loss of crop and the harvesting of crop. I have seen disco and morning Puja. I have seen people caught up in face and people who know the reality and samsara of face.
Modern times rammed itself down the throats of many in Isaan. Every river that feeds the Mekong River dammed save 1. The Songkhram River in it's natural state sees the coming and going of the seasons and is never seen in the news as, at risk. The level of the river ebbs and vegetable patches thrive. maybe nature is not such a bad thing?
To call the floods a disaster is foolish as the floods are simply nature being nature and the mess is man simply being man.
We were talking about the flood and drought and flood and drought which seems to have become an annual cycle here in Thailand.
Some folks asked about all the studies and the millions of Baht spent. Someone asked if they had ever studied alternative crops for Isaan. So many questions and  no answers.
In a way it is sad seeing old friends now too old to go on thudong. It is a joy to see so many monks with bowls and grots seeking the Truth. Seeking the truth might be analternative to making excuses.
Perhaps before doing more, just for the sake of doing more someone might have the good sense to stop and look, and perhaps see if there is any direction to all this movement. Is there any progress or is it just movement.