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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Isaan Update 22.11.11 Views, News and Opinion

Well, I arrived  back in Khon kaen this morning that our Bangkok cousins are not rushing back for the big cleanup or whatever is planned. For sure the have not heard or read the governments positively positive statements about the future.

I also see the Khun Toxin is not rushing back either. By the way has anybody seen our have a photo of all the pumps he bought for thailand. I know it must be true it was in  thailands nearly english language news papers.
People heading home after their stay in shelters in the Bangkok Post and good to see they are wearing their body condoms in Bangkok. I guess ours got lost in the mail, or the Thai Red Cross is saving them for a rainy day.
And I am more than glad that "Life will Return to Normal by December 1" whatever that is. Also be sure to note in an effort to reduce errors The Nation thailands nearly english language news paper does not insert a target year.
I have also noted lately the ability to use words that have no specific meaning, such as, affected, capacity, inundated, many and so on, fine reporting across the land.
Also it is good to know from maps and statements that there is no more flooding in Isaan. This is not the conditions rice is normallly harvested under.I would think even a Thai style psuedo journalist with thailands nearly english language news papers, would be able to figure it out

On a lighter not the Khon Kaen Chapter of Geezers with Gears is back on the road. Even though they have apapted a Nation News catch the pop-up attitude.
Twitter continues to tweet along with posts both useful and not.
"9:00AM BMA Refuses Demand by Nonthaburi's Residents to Raise Sluice Gates to 1 Meter #Thaifloodeng via@TAN_Network"
oh good that clears thing up
8:27AM Laksi sees increasing water while Kratiem swamp next to BangchanIndustrialEstate in Minburi sees water drop by40cm #Thaifloodeng vTAN"
oh good drain the swamp
"8:26AM BMA affirms drainage being sped up to alleviate flooding in Nonthaburi #Thaifloodeng via@TAN_Network "
Every time I see BMA I think bowel movement.

well enough for now
from isaan