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Monday, November 21, 2011

Isaan Update 21.11.11

The bank of the Mekhong becomes one long vegetable garden
Once again it is good to start my day learning how Thais help each other at a times of crisis. It should soon begin to dissole the myth about Buddhism in Thailand and the lovely smailing little people they are (not)
Once again a save the dogs story appears in another of Thailands nearly english language newspapers. I have done a search of dog stories vs isaan flood stories and the dogs get more press. This reminds me of the "Child Porn" stories that gripped the world a while back, remember you only get 15 minutes of fame then forget it weather you be abused children or dogs, but if you are isaan people under dire times, tough dogs are more important.
After mentioning something about crop diversification   I found this article, maybe its time someone in this country started to do some honest reviewing and planning.
For sure I would never go dancing with our lady prime minister if her work on the dance floor is anything like her day job skills.
I have already asked "Where's the Money" and it is good to see I am not the only 1, home a lot more people join the hunt.
And as the cold weather comes to Isaan and the North it is good to see that others will be getting their flu vaccine.
Well folks are getting cold up here and as usual all this aid stuff remains in short supplyor invisible for that matter.
I will continue to check on what I can check on and hope to have time to gather stories about individual villages that were victim to the floods before the end of the year.